Update for 9/17/2017

Life management


I’ve gotten tired of my slow programming progress, my information overload, my messy apartment, and my messy schedule. It’s time for another round of life organization. I have ideas about this, but I’ll go into them more as I put them into practice.

One thing I’ve already done is cut down on my social media. The news was especially taking up my time. And now I see what people mean about feeling better when they stop reading it.



On Saturday I finally got around to replacing my hard drive. A potentially nerve-wracking procedure for a hardwarephobe like me. I was expecting it to take a couple of hours, but it took less than one.

I was also expecting the hardware to be very delicate and highly vulnerable to slight bumps, skin oil, undetectable electric shocks despite my anti-static measures, and mini-disasters I hadn’t even thought of. But to my surprise, when I booted up the computer, I hadn’t ruined my new drive or even the old one.

Now I’m installing software and copying files. Gigabytes and gigabytes of files. Fortunately, I’ve gotten through most of them and the old drive is still alive. My Internet won’t be tied up for whole days downloading my backups after all.

The nice thing about all this is that I’d been seriously needing to clear disk space on that computer. There’s nothing like being forced to do what you wanted.

Project generator


I progressed a few more inches. Enough to see the light at the end of the documentational tunnel.

This project and the one I’m doing at work are good test beds for my latest thoughts on productivity. Some of them might make it onto the wiki.

Beliefs report


I progressed a few inches on this one too. I blame my late blogging last week, which took place at lunch, and the board game I played at lunch on Friday.



Night Mind, one of the YouTube channels I follow on creepy fiction, has released the first phase of an instructional series called How to Make a Webseries. In it Nick Nocturne distills the lessons he’s learned while creating his own works and watching the creative and not-so-creative projects of others. I recommend it if you’d like to learn about writing fiction in the Internet age.

The videos got me interested in creative writing again. Which is a bad thing!! I need to finish my current projects first. But at least I can ruminate on writing in the back of my mind while it waits its turn.

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One Response to Update for 9/17/2017

  1. Linda W. says:

    I’ve stopped looking at the news for now. Too disheartening.

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