Update for 6/25/2017

  • Code console – I got the project generator testing to work after hitting a snag, which I should create an issue for somewhere, and now I’m using test-driven development to write the basic generator code that will turn templates into project files. One advantage of TDD I’m discovering is that it throttles your planning down to a more realistic level, since each step in the execution of your plan has to have concrete results for the purpose of testing, and you have to figure out what those will be before you even figure out how to carry out the step.
  • Beliefs report – I detected some demotivation, so I spent last week examining that and coming up with some steps I can take to motivate myself and manage the writing better, and this week I’ll get back to the report. The motivating/managing steps have to do with the writing process, the organization of the essay, and topics to cover that would give me a better handle on the material. One of the more interesting of the topical steps is to ponder ways to handle the vagueness of religion: (a) reducing it, (b) managing it, or (c) surrendering to it.
  • Books – I got through The Fear Index pretty quickly, and it didn’t comment on AI as much as I’d hoped, but for the most part I liked what it said, though I think the book’s scenario would have some significant differences in real life. But given the wide-ranging subjects of Robert Harris’ other novels, AI is clearly not the overall theme of his work, so I’m pleased that his treatment of it was on the realistic side, since it’s easy for people to think magically about it. Now I’m back to Philip Yancey’s Prayer so I can finish it and hopefully find some more motivation and food for thought for my beliefs report.
  • Chapel – Last week at work our chapel was an interview with Michele Rigby Assad, an ex-CIA agent and Christian who interviewed terrorist informants with her husband in places like Baghdad. Riveting. Her book is coming out in February.
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  1. Linda W. says:

    Wow. S0, Assad’s book comes out in Feb.. 2018? Sounds good.

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