Update for 6/18/2017

  • Code console – It doesn’t do anything yet, but I’ve posted the initial code for my first project generator. I’m working out how to do behavior-driven development on it with Mocha. I’m also investigating how to set up literate programming with Pweave (switching from pyweb, which I was using for the Math Student Simulator ) so I can include that in the generator at some point.
  • Beliefs report – I started on the theology proper section, but it wasn’t ready to be posted, and then I decided to change my approach, so maybe this week I can post something.
  • Books
    • The Long War – I finished this one after dragging my feet for a few weeks. I was hoping the pace of the plot would pick up after all the exposition of the first book, but it was as slow and disjointed as before, and the title was barely relevant, so I’m starting to agree with this review of the first book (h/t Michael). I’ll probably finish the series someday in case the story ends up going somewhere specific, but I’ll wait a while.
    • The Fear Index – I’m in the mood to think about AI these days, so I’ve decided to explore AI-related fiction more purposefully, and I’m starting with this one that my brother told me about a while back, which so far is a thriller about an investing firm. As a side note, I’ve also been listening to a few podcasts on AI and related topics, such as the O’Reilly Data Show Podcast, which had a recent episode on financial trading.
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2 Responses to Update for 6/18/2017

  1. Linda W. says:

    I haven’t liked Terry Pratchett’s collaboration books. I also haven’t liked some of the books written a few years before his death. They lacked his usual zing, which is undoubtedly due to the Alzheimer’s.

    • Andy says:

      Yeah, I have a few books left in the Discworld series, but I’ve taken a long break, partly because they haven’t been as compelling, but I think mostly because I don’t want the series to end!

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