Update for 9/11/2016

Life updates

  • Health – I was sick last week starting Tuesday–some kind of cold or flu, I think, with a sore throat, congestion, aches, a bit of spaciness, and a fever–and it threw off most other things I was planning to do. The worst was Tuesday night, when I took a nap after work and then spent an hour trying to will myself out of bed. Wednesday was better, but I took the day off of work, and then I worked from home on Thursday to spare people my germs, but that was annoying, so I went back in on Friday. I’m mostly better now with just a little congestion.

Project updates

  • Life maintenance
    • Diet – Two weeks till my home blood test to see if the TLC diet, or my half-hearted version of it, is doing anything for my lipids in the face of my Humira. After stalling for a few weeks, my weight began dropping again last week, which was probably the illness, so that’ll be my diet plan after TLC (not really).
    • Exercise – I gave myself the week off so my sickness wouldn’t get worse. I’ll get back to my walks this week.
    • Daily routine – There wasn’t much of one last week.
    • Housekeeping – After I finish this math program intro, I am definitely taking a week to clean up my apartment. I’m feeling crowded and a bit weighed down, and I think clearing up all the clutter would improve my outlook on life. For me, physical space tends to translate into mental space.
  • Math relearning – As expected, I made some progress but didn’t finish, but I blame the sickness and the ways it disrupted my week, such as giving me an excuse to sleep at odd times. But apparently I’ve decided it’ll take about a year to finish this thing, so one week down, 51 to go!
  • Books – I finished Glasshouse, which was okay but not as fascinating to me as Accelerando. The main character got sick at about the time I did, which did not help me feel better. Now I’m on The Magician King by Lev Grossman, and it was instantly compelling, like the first one in the series.
  • Dusk – Since this week’s update was kind of a downer, here are some nice clouds for you, from Saturday.

    A photo posted by Andy Culbertson (@thinkulum) on

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  1. Abbie says:

    I like your photos a lot! I’m de-cluttering my apartment right now too. πŸ™‚

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