Easter socialization report

Well that wasn’t too bad. I was right that they could carry the conversation by themselves. 😉 Now that I’m trying to get back into connecting with people again, I’m finding that when I’m with strangers, I usually stay pretty quiet because I don’t have anything to say, but there are one or times in the conversation where I do have something to say, and I’ll chime in until the topic changes. That’s pretty much how it was this time. Or you could divide the evening into phases and say that that’s how it was in each phase.

We had dinner at about 4:00, and then after that we watched a movie one of the guys and his roommate had made, and then some of the people finished a game of Monopoly they had been playing, and while the last two finished that we played Catch Phrase and finally Mafia with everybody. I loved Catch Phrase because it was a word game. I’ve played Mafia before, but now that I’m interested in game design I filed it away as one to study. I don’t like playing it that much, because I’m a bad liar, but it would be interesting to study because it has to do with deduction and deception.

It was nice to get to know the people in my brother’s life better. And if they have me over again, I’ll be more comfortable going in.

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