Happy Easter everybody! The title of this blog post is a Greek word that means “Rejoice!” It’s the way Greek-speaking Christians greeted each other in the early centuries of the church. The reason for rejoicing was the resurrection! And it’s pronounced “KY-reh,” not “chair.”

Our church is having three services today. I meant to go to the early, 7:30 one to help balance out the crowd, but as usual my willpower lagged behind my good intentions and I didn’t get up. Furthermore, I took too long to get ready and would have slid into the second service at the last minute, if not a few minutes late. So instead of doing that I’m just going to go to the third service. It’s funny how I never get used to disappointing myself.

The family my brother lives with has invited me to dinner at their house. Isn’t that nice of them? I hope the conversation isn’t awkward. I haven’t spent much time with them. I imagine they can keep a conversation going by themselves, though, so I guess I’m not too worried.

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