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I forgot to mention that on August 2nd I changed my name on TheologyWeb from trialvironite (which no one could pronounce or understand) to Taran Wanderer. Taran is the main character of the Prydain Chronicles by Lloyd Alexander. He’s called by that name in the fourth book, Taran Wanderer. Disney made a movie based on the series called the Black Cauldron, which is the title of the second book. And his name is pronounced TAH-ran. Take a look at the Prydain Guide.

I’ve updated the Christianity page with my new name.

Edit: Oh yeah, and a nice TWeb administrator changed my name for me. I’d like to thank him. If only I could remember which one it was … hehe 😉

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  1. Faramir says:

    You forgot to thank the kind TWeb adminstrator for changing your name. 😉

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