Weeknote for 11/19/2023



I still procrastinated but got a bit farther on my wish list. Each year I pick themes I expect to pursue in my projects over the next year. This year’s themes are critical thinking, survivalism, and art.



I collected ideas for the next year’s project schedule and for some motivational posters. Planning this year’s projects has gone well, so I’m continuing the practice for next year with some lessons learned. The posters are to set up around my home to remind myself of my productivity principles.



Despite my hand-wringing about potential COVID exposure during my recent travels, my colonoscopy took place on schedule, and I got a good report. My friend Jeremy was a hero and took me to the appointment again. But after my worrying this time, I realized I should have back up plans for my rides to these things, since the arrangement always feels tenuous. So I’m looking into my options, which feels much easier when the next colonoscopy is two years out!



Here’s a little round-up of some animals I’ve seen on my walks over the past month.


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I caught up with my old college friend Josh. We met up the week before last, but I forgot to write about it. He was in town for a conference. It was a great conversation, and we got to know a good coffee shop downtown. And like the quality person he is, afterward he sent me an encouraging email.

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