Weeknote for 10/29/2023



I made a small start Christmas list. It seems like I all I did last week was work, but at the end I fit in a little planning on the list. I’m aiming to cram in the research this week.



I took some fall photos on my walks. I’d found in previous years that it’s challenging to catch the time when most of the trees have changed but haven’t yet lost their leaves. So when my friend Tim and I concluded that last week would probably be peak fall, I took the opportunity to capture some of it.


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I watched through most of my first SCP readings playlist. This one is an overview of the SCP world that covers the background and structure of the Foundation and its major rivals and threats. SCP Foundation is a massive collaborative fiction project that’s like The X-Files, except that instead of a tiny department of the FBI tasked only with investigating anomalies, the Foundation is a global agency with the goal of containing them. It’s also similar to the TV series The Lost Room. An “SCP” is a Special Containment Procedure that specifies how to handle a specific anomaly. The wiki amounts to an enormous set of worldbuilding notes plus some stories based on them.

Here are my playlists so far:

SCP-001 is like a capstone on the whole collection, so I’m adding it last, if I ever get that far. It’s actually a set of proposed SCPs, so it’ll probably get its own playlist.

For my playlists I’m taking a broad approach that lets me visit my favorite creators in the SCP readings community based on the audio adaptations list on the wiki. If you’re interested in this topic and want an already complete one-stop shop for readings, I highly recommend the SCP Orientation channel on YouTube. It’s extensive, immersive, and well organized.

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