Weeknote for 9/3/2023



I tracked down my notes from earlier generations of this project. That’s about all I gave myself time to do. This week I’ll make any flashcards I’m missing from prealgebra.



I spent too much of my week struggling with chatbots on my computer. At any given moment I was either failing to prompt my way past Llama 2 chat’s confusions and false refusals or failing to compile the necessary llama-cpp-python package to install an unrestricted version, among other models. Maybe it’s a sign I should wait until I’ve gotten somewhere on math!



I took advantage of the cooler weather to explore more new parks. One of them was a Monarch Waystation, a field with plants monarchs need for food and breeding while they’re migrating. That park also had a house for mason bees made by a Girl Scout.


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