Weeknote for 6/25/2023



I explored the idea of making a software development cheat sheet in the form of a coding project. The lesson of BDD is to make your documentation executable. In this case, taking notes is helpful, but verifying them with working code is better. Why not make a whole software project to illustrate everything I was learning? But as usual, I was unsure what form the project should take, so I’m putting off the idea and will take regular notes for now. For the notes project in general, I’m continuing the iteration again this week.



What took up most of my time last week was researching my new medication. My insurance wants me to switch my ulcerative colitis med to Rinvoq, and I wanted to do some due diligence to make sure it wasn’t an obviously terrible mistake. It doesn’t seem to be.



I discovered part of the neighboring woods grows like a little garden on our side of the fence. So I visited it a few times over the week to see what I could find there. I found some interesting bugs, such as a harvestman, which I learned is a harmless arachnid that isn’t a spider but looks like one.


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And now have some rabbits.


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Saturday I had lunch with my friend Jeremy’s family to catch up and take a walk. We visited one of my favorite spots, where they’ve been walking regularly, and somehow we survived the 88 to 99 degree heat.

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2 Responses to Weeknote for 6/25/2023

  1. Linda W. says:

    Glad you’re researching your medicine! It never hurts to be informed.

    Also, I’m glad you photographed the rabbits! I’d only seen one running around. Glad there are more. They are extremely blessed to survive with coyotes running around!

    • Andy says:

      Good point, I hadn’t thought about the coyotes. Rabbits are plentiful around here. I see them a lot in the woods, one of my favorite sights.

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