Weeknote for 12/18/2022



In the crush of activity the last week before vacation, I made slight progress on the gift labels. I’m hoping I can plan next year to spread out my winter projects enough to avoid this kind of time wreck.


I took a trip down memory lane to listen to the old Christmas stories from my label project from a few years ago (main stories and extras). I wasn’t sure what background music would be fitting for my listening, but I picked a fantasy Christmas playlist, and that has become my theme playlist for the season.



On Friday our department at work had a Christmas party. We played Fun Facts, which is a nice ice breaker that tests your knowledge of the other players, and Just One, a twist on a Taboo-style word guessing game. We also had an anonymous gift exchange, a hybrid between Secret Santa and White Elephant. I gave a wooden puzzle set and picked up the book Brand Luther about Martin Luther’s relationship with publishing, contributed by my fellow ebook producer, Matt. Matt won the food spread with his realistic yule log cake, complete with meringue mushrooms. It was all a welcome break from a stressful day before vacation.



I finished the last season of Mr. Robot. I have mixed feelings about the ending, but overall it was a great show. It was the kind of show that ratchets up the scope and drama with each season, so in later seasons I had to plan my watching for days when I’d have time for a whole episode. It also seemed to be the kind where character development takes priority over plot and logic, which I can respect to a certain degree, but really I’d like both. The computer hacking seemed authentic though, at least what they showed on screen.

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