Weeknote for 11/13/2022



I finished making my Christmas list. I like to craft my wish list, which takes some research time, and I ended up with way less time than I thought I needed. But the work journaling I’ve been using for all my projects helped me prioritize and streamline the rest of the research and filtering.

Next up is a couple of weeks on my Christmas labels, my annual tradition of making creative tags for my Christmas gifts to my family. I try to incorporate a theme from my year, but I keep the theme a surprise until Christmas. This project always takes way longer than two weeks, so wish me luck!



Even though my productivity system update is a side project at the moment, I’ve been stubbornly pouring time into it, because in its unfinished state my Notion system is kind of annoying. Last week I set up a Kanban board, which has been helping me juggle my current projects. But mainly I’ve been redesigning the format of my work session notes, which should help me review each project more easily and gather data for improving future projects.

After a ten-year hiatus, I’ve come back to learning Gregg shorthand. I’m hoping it’ll speed up the weeknote drafts I always write by hand now. I’ll learn a unit or two each week using the textbook my mom used in high school, Gregg Notehand (1968). I started last week with the forms for s, f, v, a, e, n, and m.



I got up early on election day to catch the end of the lunar eclipse. I managed to get one clear photo through my binoculars. I think of lunar eclipses as just a blur of orange that passes across the moon, so I was surprised to see after totality that the earth’s shadow made a fairly sharp line.


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Back to the Future Part II was another fun and suspenseful action comedy, though thematically heavy. It managed to grab my attention when I wasn’t in the mood to watch it, and they did a great job weaving it together with the first movie. I was expecting them to do more with the “Nobody calls me chicken” thing, though. The first movie had character development from cowardice to courage, so I thought this one would move from pride to prudence. A missed opportunity.

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