Weeknote for 9/18/2022



I finished transferring the tags in the imported Nirvana tasks to their new properties in Notion. I have more to do to set up my Notion task management, but for now I’m taking a break for a few weeks to take care of some life maintenance issues, and then I need to import my Evernote content into Notion.



Even though I’m technically taking a break from the productivity project, I’m working on a spinoff, simplifying my meal plan so it doesn’t eat up so much of my time. I’m starting with a chicken, vegetable, and rice bowl I used to make last time I simplified, and then in the coming weeks I’ll see how I can make it more interesting and nutritious without much extra time.

People skills


Getting Past No is the second in William Ury’s negotiation trilogy, and it covers how to handle difficult negotiations. As with the first book, I felt reassured by my impression that principled negotiation can work, but I felt overwhelmed by its complexity, which is fine because untangling complicated things is practically what I live for.

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