Weeknote for 9/4/2022



Last week I made lots of progress on integrating my Nirvana import into my Notion setup. This week I’ll try to finish that and return to the Evernote import.

I’ve spent the past several weeks streamlining the process of writing these weeknotes so I finish them sooner while maintaining their quality. My initial experiments made the writing take even more time, but I think this two-sentence format will work as both a quick report and a conversation starter.

My boss started an occasional lunchtime discussion group for a few of us who are into productivity systems. There are endless opportunities to learn about productivity and discuss it online, but it’s a different experience—reassuring and energizing—talking about things in a group in person.



SQL: A Comparative Survey by Hugh Darwen might be where I start when I learn SQL more seriously because the book aligns its discussions of the language so carefully with its explanations of relational theory. But my reading will also include a book or two by SQL defender Joe Celko, who I discovered while researching Darwen and Date’s views.



After the Fall by Ben Rhodes gave me more details on Russia’s struggles with democracy and a better perspective on China’s. I admit I’m susceptible to the formula of making a situation sound dire and then relieving and motivating the audience with potential solutions, and I did feel more hopeful at the end, though the author’s optimism was based more on the general possibility of solutions than on specifics.

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