Weeknote for 3/20/2022



I finished installing a copy of the website on my local computer. Reminding myself of how to do that and then integrating it with Visual Studio Code took some time. I tested it out on WordPress, since the blog part of the site already works. This week I’ll debug the wiki.



I scanned prayers from Every Moment Holy and began editing the resulting text file. Next I’ll reduce them each down to a few lines.



I started taking stock of my various literature projects. They pop up randomly, but they have common patterns, so I decided to organize them a bit. An Audible sale reminded me I want to get some kind of handle on classic literature, so now I’m listening to The Western Canon by Harold Bloom to help me. That’s my general strategy—find people whose opinions interest me for recommendations, especially if they’ve written some kind of reference, like Grant and Clute’s encyclopedias of science fiction and fantasy or Joshi’s Unutterable Horror. Other categories that come up for me are contemporary fiction and experimental literature. I’d also like to learn some literary criticism so I can get more out of my listening. Since I’m in project management mode these days, I started jotting some notes about my purposes for these projects and the deliverables I have in mind, assuming I get anywhere with them.



My parents came to visit at the end of the week. They were on their way home from making a delivery to my brother, so I didn’t feel a lot of pressure to make the visit a big event. We didn’t do much, but it gave us a chance to rest.

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