Weeknote for 12/19/2021

Christmas labels


I’m nearly done with the labels. I came up with a simplified version I liked and went with that. Judging by how much time that version took, simplifying was the only way I could get the project done.



After many weeks of inch-wise progress, I finally finished Introduction to World Religions, edited by Christopher Partridge and Tim Dowley. My main purpose in listening to it was to lay some groundwork for venturing further into the philosophy of religion. I’ll be asking questions like, how do the world’s religions justify themselves? And what does the existence of all these religions tell us? I was trying to avoid books on world religions that explain them in terms of their relationship to Christianity, and this one does seem to cover the religions fairly and on their own terms. A secondary purpose in listening was to give myself worldbuilding inspiration for some stories I have in mind.



Now that my Christmas project is almost done, I can squeeze in some preparations for my vacation. Travel stresses me out because it gives me a hard deadline for necessary pre-travel tasks, and I’m never sure if I can get them all done in time. This year’s vacation is a test to see how well my new level of organization helps.

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