Weeknote for 9/26/2021



I got through lesson 7 of Get Programming with Haskell. At this rate I should be done in five more weeks, though I’ll take some breaks for other projects. I’m having a much easier time with this book, so I think I can complete it without much trouble. Haskell exercises are kinda fun. They’d make good puzzle books.

I’m dipping my toe into Linux with The Linux Command Line by William Schotts. Haskell and Org mode have put me back in touch with what I think of as “the magic of text,” so I’d like to take another stab at getting to know command-line Linux. Linux does have graphical interfaces that look a lot like Windows, but to me real Linux means typing. Incanting, you could say.

I’m dipping my toe into software correctness with Practical TLA+ by Hillel Wayne. I found his blog a while back, and I think of it as my keyhole into this important field. After my last foray into software development literature where I learned the many, many ways software can go wrong, I’m finding it necessary to wrap my programs in several layers of straightjackets. But I don’t really know how, so that’s where Hillel Wayne comes in.



A Charles Dickens project at work put me in the mood for Victorian ghost stories. I think that’ll be my theme for this year’s October, though vampires might also make an appearance. I’m looking through ST Joshi‘s Unutterable Horror for Victorian recommendations, and I’m looking for LibriVox recordings of the ones I pick.

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