Weeknote for 7/25/2021



I looked a little into estate planning and medium-term investing and defined some deliverables. I struggled to get anywhere on this last week. Fatigue and other tasks kept intruding on my project time. And I didn’t have a good plan of attack on the work itself. Defining the deliverables gave me some concrete goals, so now I feel like I have an anchor for my planning. And I decided that instead of frantically trying to survey a bunch of sources at once, I’ll study the Bogleheads’ adviceย and bring in others if I have time. This week I’ll touch on my budget algorithm and then spend most of the time on investing.



I made some more timers. One was for my daily Admin sessions, and the others were variations on my morning and evening routines. The routines needed medium and short timers for the days when my schedule is more cramped. The Admin timer is already helping me limit the sessions so they don’t run over into the main event, my project time. Now I just need to limit everything else.

I’m learning about waste and continuous improvement from Agile. I investigate Agile periodically, and each time I take something new from it. This time those are the concepts that are standing out to me. My timers have been a great help for eliminating waste. On continuous improvement, I’ve decided that instead of wringing my hands about project problems while trying to forge ahead with the work, I’ll try being a Toyota assembly line and stop the whole operation to address the problem before continuing.



My doctor told me not to worry about COVID. The part of the immune system the vaccine works with isn’t affected by my medication. And the part my med does suppress is what makes COVID infections so severe, so the medication will actually help me if I do get infected. So now I’m just following the CDC’s guidelines for vaccinated people.

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