Weeknote for 5/30/2021



I examined some opinions on long-term care insurance. I spent more time on them than is really called for at this stage of this project, since I’m only collecting costs, but I’ll need to look into it sometime anyway. My impression so far is that even though it can cost $100,000, it can be worth it if you want a better level of care than state-run facilities and if you have assets you want to leave to heirs or charities rather than depleting on years of long-term care. There are other factors I still need to weigh, so I’m nowhere near settling on a decision, but for now I’m moving on to grad school costs.



Testing Computer Software by Kaner, Falk, and Nguyen makes testing feel possible yet still daunting. At work I’m catching up on some software development listening. Software testing is an area that has always stymied me, so I’m making my way through a few key books on it. Especially helpful in this one is the appendix that describes dozens of common software errors. Especially scary is the chapter on ways you can get sued for your software’s flaws.



I gave myself a bedtime of 10:30. I already had an elastic habit for getting to bed in time for 8 hours of sleep, but I wanted to get more specific so my wake-up time would consistently be before 7. If I can keep that up, I’ll probably move it again to 10:00. So far, so good. Little by little I’m hammering my schedule into shape.



Here are some playlists I use for my housework soundtrack.


  • Mrs Bucket – Classical music so I can feel like a fake aristocrat.
  • Summer – This is my favorite cleaning music. It’s also great for walks.
  • 90s CCM – This is my version of Top 40s radio.
  • Battle – For the days when cleaning feels like one.


  • Community Folk – So I can feel like I’m cooking for a barn raising.


  • Shopping – My stereotype of 1950s grocery store music.


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