Weeknote for 4/4/2021



I’m rethinking how I write these weeknotes. I spent way too much time last week writing my update. And what I was trying to write would’ve taken much more time, but I scaled it back. Since I need to spend that time on my substantive projects, I’m taking a closer look at how to fence in the blogging.



I finished my taxes. It was more work than I expected. Next is planning the rest of the project and continuing to improve my budget setup.

I looked into the FIRE movement. That’s Financial Independence, Retire Early. It came up in some of the income videos I’ve been watching. It appeals to me because I’ve been casting around for specific financial goals and strategies, and this movement has them. I’m toying with the idea of Barista FIRE, where you semi-retire and work part time. I suspect the AI work I want to do might involve an uncomfortable pay cut, so it’d be nice to be able to make up the difference.

Cryptocurrency Investing for Dummies still left me wary of crypto. I did end up with a more complete and organized understanding of it, but I’d have to do a lot of paper trading to convince myself crypto’s prices are at all predictable. I still don’t get what fundamentals a cryptocurrency can have that would anchor its value.



I finished Twin Peaks: The Return. This completes the whole Twin Peaks saga, unless they make another season. I loved this season. It was interesting and weird to the end, and it was more my style of weird than the earlier installments. It was also very confusing, so after the finale I immediately turned to YouTube for commentary. Here’s a fascinating take by Nyx Fears. That was all I got around to, but I’ll watch others later.

Westworld (1973) is disappointing on AI but effective as a suspense and action film. I’ve returned to my AI movie project, which I’ll intersperse with some finance movies. This one is an object lesson on mistakes in risk management. Sometimes our disaster mitigation is too little too late. Michael Crichton was very expository in the two books of his I’ve read, so I was expecting more on the concepts, but evidently that’s not the kind of movie he was making. I did notice it was surprisingly current with the idea that the robots’ developers didn’t understand how they worked and that some of the designs were produced by computers. My next AI “movie” will be the Westworld TV series.



I accidentally found out I can visit the lake closest to home. I thought it was strictly functional and blocked off by trees, but it turns out there’s a path around it. So now I have a new everyday walking spot.


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Happy Easter!

I made a tentative daily schedule of liturgies from Every Moment Holy. Even though Lent is over, this project will continue. Next I’ll experiment with following the schedule.

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