Weeknote for 1/17/2021



I wrestled with fatigue all week. Since I was determined to get my work done and not use personal time just for naps, my work days tended to stretch into the evenings, which didn’t help with my sleep schedule. This isn’t uncommon for me, but it was worse last week. I also found myself wasting hours scrolling through Google News or Twitter. It reiterated for me that social media isn’t just a matter of dopamine. Sometimes it’s all I can summon the mental energy for.


I didn’t do anything with my Elastic Habits tracker. I’d like to finish it this week so I can move on to my finances in the next project month, which starts next week.


I’m trying different varieties of ground coffee. Not that it helps much when I’m especially tired, but about a month ago I bought a coffee maker to give me more control over the strength of my coffee, and since then I’ve been trying different recommended brands that I can get at the grocery store. Here are my ratings so far, based solely on my personal taste:

  • Folgers Classic Roast: 3/5
  • Barissimo Medium Roast: 4/5
  • Seattle’s Best Coffee Portside Blend: 2/5



I’m reevaluating my year-long reading plans. After missing a few days of reading last week, I’ve gotten even more behind than when I made the plans, and the days I did read, it took a lot of time. I’m still going to try to stick with my one-year plans for the shorter books, but each page of the commentary is like two of a regular book, so I might plan to take two years for that one. I’ll decide for sure once I’ve caught up (if I do) and I see how long a normal day’s reading takes.



I’m keeping an eye on political extremists. I’m especially paying attention to the government’s response to them, to international perspectives on them, to researchers who track their activity, and to military-minded people who tell me how they operate.

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