Weeknote for 1/3/2021



This is week 2 of my post-Christmas self-isolation. I’ve been waiting to see if I feel sick. So far, so good. The rest of the family is fine too.

Life maintenance


I designed a new Elastic Habits tracker. It’s a little more like a spreadsheet than the official one and has more hints for scoring. It’s also tailored to my 28-day project schedule rather than 30-day months. I’m still working on it, but I should have things ready to start tracking next week.



Nassim Taleb’s Fooled by Randomness offers intriguing starting points for study. The book ties together the topics of his other books, so black swans and antifragility both make an appearance. I was especially interested in his discussion of Monte Carlo engines, which were the basis for his thinking on randomness. And his references to classical music and literature always make me want to be more cultured.

Escaping the Rabbit Hole by Mick West gives me hope that even people with extreme views can be open to reason. It’s also an argument for respectful dialogue over ideological combat. As someone who’s been helping people evaluate their unconventional views for a long time, the author has a lot of practical advice.

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