Weeknote for 10/11/2020

Christmas labels


I made substantial progress. I doubt I’ll finish this week, but probably by the end of the month.



I finished my Brian Evenson collections. These were A Collapse of Horses, Windeye, and Fugue State. Some stories were more satisfying than others, but overall I felt a kinship with his theme of knowledge and how it can go bewilderingly wrong. It was the topic of practically every story. To quote from “Black Bark,” “Every time you think you have the world figured, trust me, that’s just when the world’s got you figured and is about to spring and break your back.”



I switched my dark ambient listening from Pandora to Spotify. Pandora no longer knows how to choose songs for my dark ambient station, so I’ve given up on it. I used the seed and thumb-up songs from that station plus some other songs I’ve collected to start a Spotify playlist. Spotify’s suggestions have been so good I’ve been able to add 92 songs for a total run-time of 19 hours, and I’m still adding. Soon I’ll be able to maintain an ominous mood for a solid day.

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