Weeknote for 9/27/2020



I avoided almost all naps, and I added more rules to actually be productive. I made an exception and allowed a nap on Saturday to catch up on sleep, because I was still staying up too late. But for most of the week, I found that I was still wasting the time I wasn’t napping, so toward the end of the week I added some evening productivity rules, such as doing harder things soon after work, things I would normally put off. This got me to take a walk on Thursday, which I hadn’t done in ages. Saturday, however, was very unproductive, and I spent a ridiculous amount of time on YouTube. There sure are a lot of video essays on there.



I inched forward a bit more on the mnemonic dictionary generator. Clearly I’m not very motivated on this project, even though I keep being reminded of how useful it will be. I imagine sleep would restore my motivation. Last week was the end of the project month, so I have a reprieve. But I’m hoping to zip through October’s project and return to the dictionary generator.

Christmas labels


October is my new Christmas project month. Last year I decided that since starting the labels in November still ended in crunch time on Christmas Eve, this year I’d start earlier. So we’ll see how starting in October turns out. The past few years’ projects have been complicated, but this time I’m returning to simplicity, so hopefully I can finish in a week or two.



I’m listening to Lex Fridman until October 1. After that I’ll listen to spooky stories for a while, and I have an upcoming book discussion with my department at work, so somewhere I’ll be fitting in The Man in the High Castle. Then I’ll carry on with Lex.

Last week the interview that stood out to me, other than all of them, was with David Ferrucci, whose aims and ideas for AI overlap a lot with mine. We both want AI to help us think and discover through discussion, and we share the notion that understanding is built on mental frameworks. It’s a key part of my modeling project.



Fall is in my ears. Now that fall is here, I’m collecting more videos for my Autumn Ambience playlist, and I’m enjoying this Cozy Autumn Instrumentals playlist.

A kindred piano spirit. From that playlist I discovered pianist Matt Stewart-Evans. His track “Reach” is very similar to the kind of song I would’ve written growing up.

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