Weeknote for 7/19/2020



Last week’s theme was dealing with my health.

My COVID swab was negative. The doctor recommended self-isolating for 10 days just in case, since it could be a false negative. That period will end after Tuesday, though my other medical issue is still keeping me from going out.

My ulcerative colitis has been acting up for two months. It’s worse than it’s been in a long time, so last week I talked with my gastroenterologist about what to do. We’re working through a series of tests. I might end up switching medications.

Mysterious illness is depressing. The slight symptoms I’ve been having on and off since March still take turns surfacing in their vague way. Fatigue hangs around the most and seems greater than my usual level. But even when the symptoms are absent, in the background I just have this persistent feeling that things in my body aren’t quite right. I’m hoping getting my UC under control will alleviate most of that sense or at least help clarify the situation. It all leads to the feeling that my life is on hold, and in the background I often ask myself if and when and how things will ever get back to normal. In the meantime, I keep life moving however I can.



I got my notes2flashcards app into a basically usable state. Despite my medical issues, I managed to do a lot of work on the app, and now it will convert a YAML outline into a set of lists and front-back notes I can paste into Anki.

I’m reviewing prealgebra. Now that I have an easier flashcard setup, I’m flipping back through the prealgebra chapters and taking some basic notes so I’ll at least remember what it covers.



I listened to Too Much and Never Enough, Mary Trump’s memoir about her family. Here’s an interview that gives a good overview. She’s a clinical psychologist and the niece of Donald Trump, so I was interested in her analysis of their family dynamics and the effects of those on the president. And on her own father, Freddy, since a lot of the book was about his struggles and decline. But the two are linked, because Donald’s mentality was largely shaped by watching how their father treated Freddy. Her assessment of Donald wasn’t radically different from other opinions I’ve heard on his psyche, but it gave some extra depth and clarity to that view.

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2 Responses to Weeknote for 7/19/2020

  1. Andy Martin says:

    Might consider dropping math and politics and you might feel better‼️?? Seriously, praying that your medical issues are resolved without having to endure more discomfort. Mama’s chicken noodle soup might do some serious soothing‼️ Sending caring comfort and love‼️

    • Andy says:

      Math and politics, those were the problem all along! XD Thanks for your prayers and well wishes. My doctor put me on prednisone till we decide what to do about my main medication, and I’m already feeling much better.

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