Weeknote for 7/5/2020



I worked on my notes2flashcards app. It’ll give me an easier way to create lists for Anki’s Cloze Overlapper add-on.



The Octalysis framework might help me gamify my life. I listened to Actionable Gamification by Yu-kai Chou. It was a decent introduction to the framework, which seems broad and useful, though I think it’d be hard to apply it in a way that doesn’t feel manipulative. But applying it to yourself is fine, which is what I hope to do.


My new printer and whiteboard give me more self-motivation tools. My first project will be my own version of the Elastic Habits tracker. Later I’ll print motivational quotes and images to scatter around the apartment, maybe even a set of rapscallions, if I ever get around to picking them.


I tried to get back into journaling. The idea is to orient my day around it so I reflect more on what’s happening in my life, capture more of my stray thoughts, and keep my ideas flowing. I tend to feel more satisfied with life when I journal. I did pretty well last week, writing most days.


Stochastic productivity might work for me, but stochastic living does not. Reflecting on my lower mood the past few weeks, I rediscovered two keys to my happiness–energy and order, which translates to sleep and some degree of time management. So I’ll try to return my focus to those in the coming weeks.

TV shows


I started watching season 3 of Dark. After a long wait, it finally came out June 27. I’ve only gotten through one episode so far, but it’s very good as usual. Also still confusing.

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