Weeknote for 3/15/2020

Life maintenance

Last week an article on my usual political blog advised that we stockpile a month of supplies in case of disruptions because of COVID-19, and it woke my inner prepper, so I acquired a new hobby of somewhat anxious grocery shopping, which I did almost every day, but I decided to stockpile little by little at several stores so I wouldn’t be clearing any shelves.


I made a spreadsheet to sort out my confusion over these mnemonic systems and help me set better learning goals. Each sheet covers a type of item to learn, the item column lists the items in that category, and the other columns list the substitute words (or components  in some cases) from the mnemonic systems in various sources (Higbee’s Your Memory, Kelly’s Memory Craft, and O’Brien’s You Can Have an Amazing Memory). I got through the main books I’m using, and I also wanted to collect examples from the web but didn’t get around to it, partly because of COVID-19 prepping and partly because it began to seem more important to spell out people’s methods for generating their mnemonic substitutes than to list the substitutes themselves, but I didn’t get around to that either.

This week I’m assessing how to wrap up this sprint, and next week starts the next project month.


The Old Testament prophets are not the most reassuring thing to hear during a pandemic.


Friday I watched The Godfather: Part III, which was interesting–the parts I understood–but did somehow feel emptier than the others, maybe because Michael’s life actually was emptier at that point and maybe also because I was extra confused toward the end.

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