Weeknote for 11/10/2019

Conceptual modeling


As a bookmark for this project till I get back to it next year, I’ve posted a summary of the state of my research (a week late). To be honest though, I’ll most likely cheat and work on it in the meantime during other projects, because I’m kind of obsessed with this topic.

Christmas labels


The update post for conceptual modeling took a lot more time than I expected, and I didn’t get around to any written planning for the Christmas labels, but I’ve been planning it in my head for weeks, so this week I’ll write things down and get started.



I’m about three-fourths through Unutterable Horror, and it’s giving me quite a few authors to explore, such as Ambrose Bierce with his biting cynicism and Lord Dunsany with his invented mythology. I didn’t realize just how major of a figure Lovecraft is in the genre, at least according to Joshi, and I was a little disappointed to learn that the “King in Yellow” author Robert Chambers wrote so little that’s worth reading, but at least there’s more than I knew about. I should be able to finish Joshi’s book this week.

Worship team


Last Sunday my team was scheduled to play, and we were without a pianist, so after the rehearsal Saturday morning I volunteered. I immediately wondered if I’d made a mistake, because I feel like the bar has risen since I was a regular pianist, but after some practice I felt calmer. It ended up going well, and somehow the set felt special, mostly hymns like “Nothing but the Blood,” a little different from our usual selections, so I felt privileged to be on piano.

I was also happy to step aside for the offertory, which was “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power” sung by our worship leader in gospel style, because I knew I wouldn’t have it ready in time, and then to see that she was able to ask her friend to accompany her, which worked much better, and it was clear that our African-American friends in the congregation loved it.

Christmas list


Note to family: I’ve updated my wish list.

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  1. Grace Culbertson says:

    We, your family, have now been prewarned about your Christmas labels and will be well prepared for whatever you come up with this year. Thank you for updating your wish list. I have done mine also and have encouraged your dad to do likewise. Love you!

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