Weeknote for 7/21/2019

Site update


I’m going back to the more restricted template I used early on in these updates with a max of four sentences per topic.

Life maintenance


To prepare for researching my mystery medical bill, I filed the disorganized pile of papers I’d been accumulating, which had the past year’s medical bills mixed in. I finished that, and now my life feels a little clearer and tidier.

Conceptual modeling


I got as far as making a general outline. I had a late start, but I also felt a bit underprepared and overwhelmed by this essay. This week I’ll identify the blank spots in my ideas for it and see where that takes me.



I listened to War Story (book trailer), Steven Elliott’s account of his recovery after he’d possibly killed Pat Tillman, fellow Army Ranger and former NFL player, in a friendly fire incident in Afghanistan. 5/5: I appreciated his honest and difficult questions and his clarity in identifying the factors that helped him. I was also struck by how well he painted Pat as someone you’d want to know.

Now to get my heart wrung out by September Vaudrey’s Colors of Goodbye.



Last week I made the ebook for my coworker’s first published novel, The Means That Make Us Strangers, a story about the civil rights movement in the ’60s. I’ve added it to my listening queue, where it will nicely complement Carolyn Maull McKinstry’s While the World Watched. Then on Saturday I had a nice time at Christine’s festive and well-attended book launch party.

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  1. Linda W. says:

    Congrats to your coworker for the book release.

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