Update for 1/13/2019



I had my Remicade infusion on Tuesday to manage my ulcerative colitis. Thanks mostly to my insurance, I’d had a two-week gap in my treatments, and my condition had declined noticeably. I’d say my symptoms have improved only 40-50%, so I’m still doing some extra doses of my supplementary medicine. I might make an appointment to see what my gastro doctor has to say.



Last week my distraction topic of choice was the rationalist community and its associates. Reddit hooked me with another post criticizing people linked with the LessWrong website. I ended up at some interesting critiques of Bayesianism.

After descending down that rabbit hole for a while, I decided to take a closer look at a community that tends to hang around the rationalists, the neoreactionary movement, which, roughly speaking, is part of the alt-right. They basically want to bring back old societal values and institutions such as racism and monarchy.

I find their viewpoint distasteful enough that I usually avoid reading about it. But since my own ignorance annoys me and I was procrastinating on other things, it seemed like the right time to dive in. Luckily the good people at RationalWiki had done the research for me, so I read their overview article, and then I read Scott Alexander’s two posts explaining the movement and rebutting it. Very enlightening.



To make use of my new HD TV, I’ve been catching up on Star Trek: Discovery. The new season starts on Thursday. After the first episode or two, back when the first season came out, I wasn’t sure what I’d think. The dialogue’s quality was very lacking. But I’m impressed with how good the show became over the course of the season. I’m especially enjoying Sonequa Martin-Green as Michael Burnham and Doug Jones as Saru.

Gift labels


My remaining task on this project is the retrospective, where I analyze how it went. I meant to finish it two weeks ago. Last week I managed to stop procrastinating enough to outline it. Maybe I’ll make even more progress this week!

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