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Housekeeping note: My DNS issue turned out to be on my web host’s end, and they’ve fixed it. Everyone should be able to access the site now.

Goal map


I’ve created a page on the wiki for this project called “My Life Agenda.” So far it covers my high-level goals. This week I’ll keep working on how those are tied to my projects.



I finished Eric Verzuh’s Fast Forward MBA in Project Management. Then to get a broader view covering business in general, I listened to Kenneth Eades et al’s The Portable MBA.

These are the first steps in an experiment where I see if I can treat my life like a business. Now why would I do this? Have my priorities been scrambled so money landed at the top? No. It’s the result of a few trends in my life:

  • In recent years I’ve come to see that business isn’t all about money. It’s largely about pursuing goals, and this is a concern I share. I spend a lot of time thinking about it.
  • I’ve learned the value of procedures for achieving a consistent and high-quality result with less effort. Business offers a lot of procedures for various aspects of goal pursuit.
  • I like to get the real story on whatever topic I’m investigating. That is, the most in-depth and professional treatment of the subject. My understanding of what that looks like in different areas is always growing, and I’ve found that in the realm of goal pursuit, business is where a lot of the serious thinking is done.

So I want to try using the insights and tools of business to manage my pursuit of goals in all areas of my life.

The Portable MBA has given me a sweeping overview of all sides of business. Once I have that content clear in my mind, I can decide which areas to study in more detail and in what order. But since a lot of my life revolves around projects, I already know project management will be first. Hence the Eric Vorzuh book.

But all of that will come after I’m further along on my goal map.



With my new attention to project management, I’m reworking how I approach my book listening. Some of my listening is meant to feed into a project, and I want to shorten the gap between finishing the book and using it. So instead of speeding through books for several different projects, I’ll listen to whatever’s relevant to the current project, and then while I’m working on the project, I’ll listen to books I don’t need to study. Maybe that means I’ll get through my mile-long fiction list.



My exercises from Composing Music: A New Approach are more understandable now. I’ve posted the general rules and the rules for the three exercises I’ve done. I’ll be posting more rules and other details this week. Hopefully I’ll do some more exercises too. I need to catch up with my schedule.

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