Update for 8/26/2018



The .net domain is at its new registrar now, so hopefully the DNS issue or whatever it was has cleared up. My non-US visitors can tell me.

Life maintenance


In my 3D home design software I’ve been playing with ideas for the living room arrangement. I’m giving the room too much to do for the arrangement to be easy, at least three different major functions. And there are annoying baseboard heaters along three walls that are getting in the way. Fortunately Ellen Fisher’s book tells me to try lots of different arrangements, even wacky ones, so that’s what I’m doing.



I’m liking Middlemarch much more than I expected. I identify with several of the characters, which is sometimes gratifying and sometimes troubling. And Nadia May is an amazing reader. I’ll have more to say when I’m done, which will probably be in the next update.

In case Middlemarch launches me into a classics phase, I spent some time picking out an audiobook of Moby-Dick, another favorite of my coworker’s. If I listen to that, I’ll go with the Anthony Heald version.



Music theory is great, but it doesn’t go far enough in helping me develop a whole piece. I need some resources about composition itself, and for that I consulted a few threads in r/composer. I chose William Russo’s Composing Music: A New Approach. It’s a long series of exercises concentrating on specific aspects of composing. I was able to flip through it at a local library, and it looks like just the kind of learning method I need.

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2 Responses to Update for 8/26/2018

  1. Grace V Culbertson says:

    What 3D home design software are you using? I want to rearrange my sewing room (formerly your bedroom), but don’t know what to use. Love you!!!!!!

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