Update for 3/18/2018

Board games


Sunday to reward myself for surviving 40 years, I bought a couple of board games I’d had my eye on, a cooperative one called Magic Maze and a solitaire card game called Finished! My coworker wanted to try Magic Maze, so on Friday I brought it to work and played it with the lunch game group. Most of them weren’t there last time we played it, so I introduced them to it, and it went over well.



At the futurism group last week the topic was genetic engineering and CRISPR. One of the people there was actually a biology professor who practiced biohacking, so we got an insider’s perspective, which was very interesting. Our intro question was what we’d want to alter about ourselves via genetic engineering. I picked the ability to function on very little sleep. But I’m a cautious person, so I wouldn’t alter anything until the treatment was well tested.



I finished season 2 of Stranger Things. I’ve heard people say it wasn’t as exciting as the first season, and I’m not sure I agree. It got pretty intense several times. I wonder if they say that because the show’s concept isn’t new anymore. Being introduced to a premise has a special magic that sequels have to work harder to replicate. I don’t think that means they have to be a letdown. Sometimes the sequel is better. But maybe not in this case.



Speaking of sequels, I watched 10 Cloverfield LaneΒ so I could catch up with everyone and watch The Cloverfield Paradox. 10 Cloverfield Lane was good, 5/5. The ending felt satisfying and left me wanting more. Other than its being in the Cloverfield series, I wanted to watch it to be challenged by what looked from the trailer like an imprisonment theme. Along those lines the movie was less intense than I expected, but I think that deepened the theme. I appreciated this article‘s interpretation.

Life maintenance


I finished my taxes. Usually I do them at the last minute, so I’m proud.


Remember that file cabinet I impulse bought months ago? I finally started putting it together Saturday night. I’m halfway done. Other than my project to fix up my apartment in general, what motivated me was again my unwieldy filing system for worship music. Every time I get ready to perform, I inwardly groan a little louder at having to wrestle with my files. For a new system I need a working cabinet. Once I have that, I’m going to try hanging folders.

Beliefs report


I’d been somewhat procrastinating on my beliefs report, so I decided to take my boss’s advice to write a summary with a limited word count first. I succeeded and added it the beginning of the essay. Having the summary gives me a better idea of the work I need to do. It’ll take a long time to resolve all my issues, but at least I can plan. I’ll try to work on this project through the rest of Lent before putting it on hold again.

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  1. Linda W. says:

    What games did you guys play after I left?

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