Update for 2/18/2018



My analysis essay is trundling along. I’m hoping to post the rest of it in the next couple of weeks.

Life management


I’m going to do my taxes this week. Don’t let me put it off!

Beliefs report


I’m planning on returning to my beliefs report as a Lenten project. But I want to finish the current phase of my analysis project first. And then I’ll probably keep working on the beliefs report till I’m at a good stopping point. So really its timing won’t strictly coincide with Lent but will overlap it instead.



Last week’s futurism meetup was about futurism itself. The organizer also invited us to suggest topics for future meetings, and it just so happened that I have one. But I wanted to have videos to recommend before I gave him the topic, so since then I’ve been researching them.



I caught up on Black Mirror (I rate it 5/5), and now I’m on The End of the F***ing World (that’s literally the title, including the asterisks), which has one of the actors from Black Mirror, Alex Lawther. He seems to play vulnerable characters with secrets, which is intriguing. Otherwise the show wouldn’t interest me. So far I like it better than I expected.



Sunday I played the piano at the funeral of a church friend, Marilyn. The organizers had asked me to play a couple of weeks before. It’s good that they did, because I was in Texas when she died, and I hadn’t heard the news, though it was clear she’d been declining. I knew her from a couple of ministries we’d been involved with together. As usual, it was good to hear people’s recollections, especially since I didn’t know her that well.

This Saturday I’m attending the funeral of another ministry friend, Rex. He’d had a few bouts with brain cancer, and this last time it was very aggressive.

I wouldn’t have heard about Rex either except that I happened to check Facebook at the right time. That was also true of Ray’s cancer about a year ago. I need a better way to keep up with that site. I rarely visit it because it distracts me so easily.



I’ve been getting nice letters and notes the past few months. My sister sent me a very nice thank you/appreciation card after Christmas. My brother has sent me a few letters and postcards. His latest letter was a very long answer to a question I’d asked him over email. So now I need to write some replies. I also told another old friend I’d write her a letter, if I can get her address.

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4 Responses to Update for 2/18/2018

  1. Linda W. says:

    Sorry to hear about the deaths of your friends.

  2. Grace Culbertson says:

    Do your taxes!!!! Mom

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