Update for 10/29/2017

This week I’m trying to be briefer, especially since the update is already so late.

Worship team


I’ve been moved from piano to synth for at least the next few months. We have too many pianists. At first I felt like I’d been demoted, but now I see that’s not the idea, and I’m having fun with it.



I’m going to be working on a podcast! I volunteered to help with our church’s sermon feed. I’ll be editing and uploading files.

Life management


They fixed my kitchen sink on Monday. Finally I could get back to normal meals–once I got around to buying new vegetables.

I upgraded my cell phone plan–up from 500 MB a month to 5 G, and for the same price. This will let me do projects that require the Internet when I’m sitting in my car.



Last week I met with my new futurism group on the topic of Afrofuturism (based on this episode of This American Life). I learned from someone in the group that Ahmed Best has a fascinating podcast on the subject. He’s the actor who played Jar Jar Binks in Star Wars, and that role is actually what got him interested in futurism.

I finished catching up on Isaac Arthur’s past episodes. The next set of videos to finish will be from the Future of Humanity Institute. But first, some audiobooks.



I finally convinced myself to subscribe to Audible. It’ll fill in for my local libraries when the audiobooks I want aren’t easily available. Audiobook apps are hit or miss, but I was relieved to find Audible has a good one.

For my first Audible selection, I decided to do some Halloween listening. I’ve been in the mood for something along the lines of Peter Clines’ 14, so I’m listening to its sidequel, The Fold. If you like sci fi horror adventure mysteries, I recommend it. The reader is good too.



Freelance work has been taking up a few of my evenings. That was supposed to end Friday, but then I got an extra request, so it’s spilling over a little to this week. Then it’s time to stop procrastinating on invoices.

Another evening was taken up by my regular job, pushing myself to finish the complicated ebook I’ve been planning for and working on the past couple of months. My deadline was Friday, but it thankfully got extended to Tuesday, so I had a little more time to fix things.

Project generator


I fixed the errors Travis CI was complaining about and added a couple more external services to the generator. Now I just have the road map of features to write, and then I’ll be ready to create the first release, v0.1.0.

Beliefs report


I’m still revising the bibliology section.



I joined the mass binge watch of the newly released Stranger Things 2 on Friday, but only for one episode. I’ll get to the rest of it later.

Netflix removed Foyle’s War from its streaming service a while back, but last week I found it on Hoopla, so now Tim and I can get back to watching it.

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6 Responses to Update for 10/29/2017

  1. Sumurai8 says:

    You have been converted! You can now never escape our Audible overlord ever again.

    Also, internet and driving are dangerous to combine. πŸ™

  2. Linda W. says:

    So many things seem to be removed from Netflix these days. πŸ™

    I still haven’t finished the first season of Stranger Things!

    • Andy says:

      When things are removed from Netflix, I tend to assume they’ll be back. I think it’s usually temporary licensing issues.

  3. I don’t think you can say you joined a binge if you only watched one episode…

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