Update for 6/4/2017

Well that was a lot of procrastinating for such a short update. I’m sure I have some excuse, but I can’t think of it right now.

  • Code console – I’ve been looking for programming project skeleton generators written by other people so I don’t have to write one myself, and last week I got through my long first pass of looking through the likely options, and then I cut my second pass short by just picking a popular one in JavaScript called Yeoman, which can be used for projects in any language. So this week I’m figuring out how to use it, and then I’ll try making some generators that fit my upcoming projects. My exploration took me through some current web development tools, and after being away from that field for so long it was interesting to get an idea of what’s happening in it.
  • Beliefs report – I wrote a decent amount, but it wasn’t quite in a postable state, so I’ll probably update it this week.
  • Health – Remicade hasn’t been helping much, so my doctor doubled my dose, which was on the low end, but the insurance had to go back and forth with the nurses to approve it, which still wasn’t done by the end of the week, so I had to cancel the infusion that was scheduled for Thursday so that could get settled.
  • Video games – I’ve been sneaking in some Minecraft lately, working on my project of selecting about 18 biomes and building homes that match them. Right now I’m building up my central base.
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2 Responses to Update for 6/4/2017

  1. Linda W. says:

    Hope your insurance issue gets settled soon!

    I’ve never once played Minecraft. I keep thinking I will at some point. But there are only so many hours in a day.

    I saw Wonder Woman and loved it. Going again this Friday!

    • Andy says:

      Yeah, only so many hours, and Minecraft is like a vacuum for time. 😀 I’m glad you got to see Wonder Woman twice. I’m hoping to go again, maybe for a 3D show.

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