Update for 3/19/2017

Happy spring!

Project updates

    • Code console – I’ve posted the first iteration of my public coding guide, and the next step is to research documentation, document my findings, and apply them to my coding console, which I’ll work on this week.
    • Knowledge representation – I settled on three controlled natural languages to explore–Attempto Controlled English, ITA Controlled English, and object-role modeling–on the basis that they’re decently expressive and have ready-made tools for working with them, and now I’m installing the tools so I can study the languages and experiment.
    • Nostalgia box – I didn’t do much except start reading my Celtic design book, and I’m thinking for March I might just draw some practice designs rather than trying to make a book out of them, even a very short one. I still have to finish February.
    • Media
      • Movies – I saw Logan with some people from the geek meetup, a completely different branch from the one I played games with, and I had a nice time, though to be honest it’s a little awkward seeing a movie with strangers, but I’d hang out with them again. The movie itself was very good, and I think even if you aren’t into superhero movies, you might enjoy it.
      • TVIron Fist, the latest Marvel-Netflix series about New York street-level heroes, came out on Friday, and I’m three episodes in. It’s been an odd show so far, and it’s been hard to get a feel for what the characters are supposed to be like, though the episodes have been getting less awkward and inconsistent, so I’m mildly hopeful.

Life updates

    • Work – One of our biggest customers is going out of business, so last week the president held a meeting to tell us about our situation and the contingency plans we’re activating, which all sounded reasonable to me and not too painful (for me at least), and it reinforced my impression that our company is managed well. But it does mean our department won’t be going to PyCon this year, so the West Coast will have to wait.
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