Update for 11/20/2016

Project updates

  • Project map – I’ve made progress in sorting out my projects, and I’ll post a streamlined version of my article sometime soon.
  • Bookmarks – The election and creepy fiction articles are coming, but to make those easier, I want to collect the links in my Firefox bookmarks and write a script to transform them into the wiki markup. But I have a little electronic housekeeping to do first, because my bookmark situation is a little chaotic right now because the file is too large to sync easily with my usual method (Xmarks), so now my bookmarks are desynced across computers, and to fix it I’ve been wanting to archive most of my bookmarks and start over. Now that I have significant bookmarking projects to start, I’ve decided to do the archiving first, so that’s in process.
  • Movies – Wednesday my boss invited me to see Arrival with some people from work, so I went with them that night, and I felt that I would’ve made the movie similarly if it were up to me, so I really liked it, and now I’m reading the rest of Chiang’s story and mentally comparing it to the movie, which is turning out to be an interesting method of reading. Sunday Tim and I went to see Fantastic Beasts, which I liked pretty well, especially the mesmerizing cloud effects in certain parts I won’t spoil for you.

Life updates

  • Memorial service – A couple of weeks ago a friend from church asked me if I’d play the piano for her father’s memorial service this past Saturday, and I agreed, though I’m not going to do this on a regular basis, so don’t get any ideas! I was a little anxious because I didn’t get around to practicing as much as I wanted, but it turned out fine, and I even was able to assemble a prelude from a great book of lead sheets I found last week, The Hymn Fake Book, which I could get in Kindle format. As I usually find at memorial services, the stories from the people there made me wish I’d known him–a kind, generous, knowledgeable, and productive man–and they gave me some ideals to strive for.
  • Thanksgiving – I’ll be making a long drive for Thanksgiving to visit my sister, where my brother will also be. Our parents are snubbing us. I’m looking forward to it (the visit, not the snubbing).
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6 Responses to Update for 11/20/2016

  1. Jeremy says:

    Too late. I have ideas. Many many ideas and you can’t take them away.

  2. Were the parents invited? Maybe we’re snubbing them!

  3. Linda W. says:

    I haven’t seen either movie yet. I need to see both.
    Have a great Thanksgiving! We’ll have to do that lunch after the holidays.

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