Update for 11/6/2016

Project updates

  • NaNoWriMo – After trying this for a few days, it’s clear that 50,000 words isn’t going to work for me, since it would take two to three hours a day, and I can only work on my projects for about an hour at the best of times, so I’m setting a goal of 15,000 words. I’ve written about 2,200 words, and I’ve posted what I have so far, part of my project map, which I started writing a few months ago.
  • Ulcerative colitis – I’m posting this from the hospital with an IV delivering my first Remicade treatment, which will take a couple of hours. I’ll have another one in two weeks, another six weeks after that, and then every eight weeks. To be honest it feels a little silly to go through so much rigamarole for this condition, but maybe I’ll feel differently if it actually works.
  • Media
    • Books – I’m about halfway through ‘Salem’s Lot, and I like it as much as I did The Shining. When I was growing up, I was afraid and suspicious of all horror writers because I assumed they reveled in evil, but now I see that those who are like Stephen King use their story’s horrific situation as an extreme test, as my boss put it, to reveal aspects of human nature. After this book, the next few in my Dark Tower project are The Stand, “The Mist,” and then the first Dark Tower book, though I’ll probably listen to other things in between. I’m grateful to the producers of the Dark Tower movie for moving its release from February to the summer so I have more time to catch up. 😉
    • TV
      • Marble Hornets – I finished Marble Hornets, and despite some awkward acting at times (along with some that’s great) and some boring scenes of exploring ruined buildings, I loved it and found myself wanting to watch it just for the atmosphere. I love it even more after staying up way too late to binge watch Night Mind’s analysis, which revealed a lot more than I caught when I watched, and I will definitely be studying their storytelling techniques. I was a little chagrined but also intrigued to learn that some of the MH story played out in real life among its creators–a cautionary tale, but it won’t keep me from following their future work.
      • Alan Resnick – My next stops in my journey through Night Mind’s videos were two works by comedian and performance artist Alan Resnick–alantutorial and Unedited Footage of a Bear, both of which are brilliant, but especially alantutorial, which starts out hilarious and becomes more disturbing as the series progresses, though the paranormal elements I vaguely expected never showed up, which reminds me that the real world can be horrific enough.
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