Update for 5/29/2016

Project updates

  • Math relearning – This week will be Kindergarten, and the challenge will be getting through the whole grade in one week, like I didn’t do with preschool.
  • Diet – Last week my theme was a self-imposed depression, or as I called it, “embracing the misery,” brought on by my doctor visit the week before and more recommendations of the same kind on sites like Authority Nutrition, basically don’t eat anything normal and make all your own food. I felt that bland meals and hunger were my future, my punishment for having a body I needed to feed properly and for wanting to spend my time on things other than cooking, and I wanted to keep feeling bad about this, partly out of a vague hope that if nutritionists saw all the trouble they were causing, they’d change their minds, which I suppose amounts to a temper tantrum. But keeping myself depressed takes effort, and on Saturday I decided I’d had enough wallowing, I’d rather return to a more nuanced and positive approach to the situation, and it’s okay to ignore the more extreme diet advice.
  • Daily routine – It was easy to extend my depression over diet to the rest of my life, aided by some tough life advice by a Quora user (this, for example). I felt that it was dangerous to enjoy life because that creates a sense of freedom, when really I’m meant to be a continual prisoner to duty, and my enjoyment of life leads to irresponsible things like staying up too late, so I experimented with minimizing my enjoyment to see what that would do, other than the obvious of making me depressed. Like I said, I let up on myself on Saturday, but my experiment did result in a slightly altered schedule that’s easier to keep, doing my devotions and walk right after dinner so I get all my “chores” out of the way before playing (doing my projects). My sleep schedule has still not improved, however.
  • Video games – In spite of my plan to suck all the joy out of my life, I still played some Minecraft, and my current project of building homes in several of the more interesting biomes is coming along better than I expected, given that I’ve had the idea for at least a year and I didn’t get very far in earlier attempts. I’ll post some pictures or something in a future update once I have more to show for it.
  • Books – As an example of how my mind wanders off on its own, the past few days it’s been insisting that for some hazy reason metaphysics is a very interesting subject right now and that it’s high time I bought an intro textbook. So I’ve been looking at the options, even though I have no idea when I’m going to fit in reading it.
  • Finances – Invoices sent! Next up: Updating my church giving, which will happen tomorrow so I can help with their end-of-year missions fund needs.
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One Response to Update for 5/29/2016

  1. Sumurai8 says:

    Well, if you fix your sleeping schedule, you can fit in a few hours of reading. I mean, you don’t need to sleep. Alternatively you can skip on walking your pet plant. They don’t need that much exercise to stay in shape… or happy… or alive even.

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