Update for 3/13/2016, part 2

This is part 2 of a three-part initial weekly update on my site, my projects, and my life. Part 1 is here. Future updates will probably only take up one post.

Project updates

In progress

  • Cognitive science field research – I’m reading Bermúdez’s Cognitive Science. I’ve paused in my reading to survey the book by reading all the chapter summaries, which give a decent idea of the contents while making me want to read for the details. Right now I mainly want to know the scope of the field–what questions does it ask, and what does it not? Other than that I’m collecting schools to evaluate and online sources to watch for regular updates on the field. I also want to get an idea of who’s who and what professional options cognitive scientists have. Getting to know a new field is kind of fun!
  • Math relearning – I’m gearing up to work through the EngageNY curriculum, starting all the way at the beginning with preschool. But first I’m reading yet more meta documents, the front matter to the P-5 section of the curriculum, which is titled A Story of Units. I’m not commenting on this one like I did with the Progressions. I want to get an idea of the writers’ approach to math education, but I don’t want to spend very long on it.
  • Diet – Yes, I’m finally taking the plunge into a low-carb diet–as an experiment. I refuse to commit to it as some sort of cultish philosophy! A while back I read that a low-carb diet could help with high cholesterol, and we have a wellness screening at work in about six weeks, so I’m trying the diet to see what happens. I’m using The New Atkins for a New You as a guide. At some point I’ll probably use the diet as an excuse to write a little nutrition program I’ve had in mind for years.
  • Board game box – For the past few months I’ve been assembling a box of board game systems, which are sets of generic components that can be used to play multiple games. I’ve collected all the systems I want for now, other than some simple RPGs I’ll put in the binder of rules. Now I’m waiting on a book on card games I ordered, and with the help of my friend Jeremy I’m making an index of the games so it’s easier to decide what to play. At some point I’ll write an explanation of the box for the wiki.
  • Nostalgia box – This box is ridiculously close to being done. I just have to attach the decorative paper to the folders and make a label for each month, and then I can start using it. I’ll post an explanation on the wiki for this one too.
  • Doctor Who – I’m in the middle of catching up on the modern seasons of Doctor Who and its spinoffs, a project that will take months because I’m many years behind. Right now I’m in season 2 of The Sarah Jane Adventures, which is at the tail end of the 10th Doctor. My goal is to be caught up by December, which is when the next new episode airs. Then I can participate in the hype like the fan I claim to be. I’ll post my watching order on the wiki.


  • Programming – A few programming ideas have been percolating in my mind forever, and I’d like to start on them soon: a database convenience library, a feed reader, and a mnemonic substitute dictionary.
  • Videos – I’ve also been wanting to make some videos for a while. I feel a bit out of my depth here, so I’ll need to practice some. I’ll also need to get over my perfectionism and get used to watching myself.
  • Drawing, creative writing – I’ve had a vague desire to get back into these. Maybe I’ll start dabbling sometime in the next couple of months.
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2 Responses to Update for 3/13/2016, part 2

  1. What kind of videos do you want to make?

    • Andy says:

      Darn, I was hoping no one would notice that one. For now, vlogs and gaming videos. Those should be pretty simple to make.

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