Project scheduling and mnemonics

So, it’s been three months. I’ve been working on stuff, but I got thrown off of posting by changing my project schedule to the week-oriented approach I mentioned in the last post. That quickly melted into no real schedule, which isn’t any more satisfying than the daily rotation I was on before. So I’m going to try the weekly schedule again but be more disciplined about it this time, with actual goals and assessments.

After I posted the first stage of my math relearning project, I returned to the memory project I started a few years ago. I read another book, Mnemonology: Mnemonics for the 21st Century, and analyzed the research presented in it. Next I’ll import it into a database and run some queries to see what I can learn. Then I’ll come up with some recommendations for studying and put them in an essay.

But all of that’s on hold while I work on this week’s project, which I’ll tell you about in the next post.

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  1. Be sure not to make your goals and assignments too ambitious. Otherwise, you’ll likely just end up being disappointed and dissatisfied again. Perhaps you could set modest “must do” goals and then have an “if there’s time” plan in mind, in case you’re particularly on top of things that week.

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