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Until I come up with a good way to post my site updates automatically on the front page, I’ll write a brief entry to let the blog subscribers know what’s new. I’ve just posted the start of a new, ongoing list (and accompanying Google map!) of preachers online that I think are worth listening to. Take a look!

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3 Responses to New list–Recommended Preachers Online

  1. Paul says:
    hi andy!

    hi andy!

  2. Abbie says:

    You’re so organized.

    You don’t have anyone from TN…hehe! I shall suggest Pastor Jim Thomas from The Village Chapel! (“We study through books of the Bible here at the Village Chapel…” He says that almost every Sunday)


  3. Kim says:
    Ron Gannett has a new

    Ron Gannett has a new website that is a fantastic. Not only can you listen to his sermons, he gives a daily scripture from the life of Jesus, an clear explanation of its meaning and gives you the chance to journal your thoughts and response. Definitely worth checking out!

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