I moved

It went really well. I had seven people from my old small group helping me, and it only took about two hours. I felt kind of bad that they had to help me finish packing and that I had sooo many boxes of books to lug around, but they didn’t complain too much. πŸ˜‰ I am really grateful to them for their help.

And now I am in the slow process of unpacking and organizing. It’s slow because I do a little at a time and take long breaks to do all the other things I’d rather be doing. But I am progressing.

I worked from home on Wednesday while I waited for the phone technician to come to my apartment. Or I would have, if the power hadn’t been out in our building from about 8 till 1. My laptop’s batteries are worthless, so I couldn’t do any work and spent the time unpacking instead. Then the phone guy arrived at 2:30, did his thing, and I went to work at 3:30.

On Thursday I went over to the college to see John Piper. πŸ™‚ He spoke about the problem of evil. It was hot in the auditorium, especially for him, but he was very patient and let the Q&A time go 40 minutes over. You can listen to him here (it was the September 6th evening session). I was supposed to meet Don and his wife there. I didn’t see them, but Joel and a friend found me and sat with me.

While I was without Internet, my mind did what it normally does in those circumstances and became productive. It’s like the web is a suppressing agent for my ideas that would normally bubble up and flow over the sides of my mind and onto paper. So I did a lot of writing one particular night, and I’m going to post a lot of it here, with minimal editing, so you can see how my mind works when I’m not writing for an audience. Well, I always have some kind of audience in mind, but it’s not as conscious (and oppressive) when I’m writing for myself as when I’m writing online.

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