Christmas vacation 2006, part 3

Okay, okay, fine, I’ll write. Yes, I know it’s March and I’m still writing about Christmas. (That was addressed to me, by the way.)

I just wrote a little script that concatenates my Gaim logs in chronological order and divides them into files by month. My IMs are like my journal because I tend to tell my friends what I’ve been doing, so it’s handy to have it all in order for times like this when I’ve totally forgotten what I did.

So, the rest of my vacation. Christmas night I played Apples to Apples with my family, which was fun. That’s one of my favorite games because it has to do with language and takes no skill.

Tuesday night my brother, my sister, and I played some Christmas hymns. I was on my new French horn (yes, I finally bought one!), my sister played her oboe, and my brother played the piano. It was messy but fun. Then we watched Cast Away, which was really good. I had never seen it, as usual. I liked the ending because it was more true to life than the typical happy ending, yet it wasn’t depressing. It was the right way to deal with circumstances you wouldn’t choose.

Wednesday night my sister was in a crazy mood. First she was pretending to be a ninja with a wrapping paper tube. Then she was talking like an Indian (from India). While this was going on I was mediating a group IM conversation between my friend Rob and my family, who was sitting around me. It was funny.

Thursday we went to the mall to watch Charlotte’s Web and shop. The movie was really good, but I was really tired, and the mall didn’t have a bookstore, so after I bought the clothes I needed, the shopping was reeeeally boring. But I survived, barely.

Michael went back to Boston on Friday. On New Year’s Eve (Sunday) we watched War of the Worlds, which I had just bought at Half Price Books. It was a lot less scary on the small screen and when I knew what was going to happen. The scenes went by quicker. In the theater I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, and each scenario seemed to last forever. Still a good movie. Abbie missed the ball drop in New York, so at midnight she dropped her Hello Kitty kickball. 😉 And on Monday I went back to Illinois.

Finally I’m done with that! In my next installment (probably sometime in April), I’ll be telling you about some major developments in my life from the past few months, and sometime around then I’ll have a book review.

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