Gmail thinks my messages are spam

I’ve had two friends who use Gmail tell me that my e-mails were put in their spam folders. So a few minutes ago I tried sending myself a message from my thinkulum accounts to my Gmail account, and it happened to me too. … Yes, I send myself spam. Not that I expected it to behave any differently, though I thought I had sent myself e-mails like that before without a problem. Maybe Gmail changed its mind about my domain recently. It’s probably because of my e-mail updates, which could be mistaken for spam, since it’s a mailing list, and perhaps Gmail generalized its conclusion to the whole thinkulum domain.

Fortunately they have these nice buttons, “Report Spam” for your inbox and “Not Spam” for your spam folder, that you can use to educate their spam filter. I used them on my test messages. I don’t know if it will apply to messages I send from those accounts to other people.

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3 Responses to Gmail thinks my messages are spam

  1. April says:

    Your email is not spam to my gmail account! 🙂

  2. Bronze says:

    Hey Andy, just wanted to pop by and say hi… I’ve been thinking about OBAC for a long time! I’ve also yet to send another PM, but something’s in the works. Another two weeks (I think) until my fall semester starts.

  3. Abbie says:

    You haven’t posted in a while…

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