The web is interesting tonight

I am feeling really scattered right now. I was hoping to get something productive done tonight, probably some editing, but I keep finding interesting websites to read. Major links from tonight’s chain: from my friend Rob’s blog, Kyle Potter (which I’ve visited before); Addison Road (not the band); The CCM Patrol; a thread on a site called Yay Hooray that finally drove me to find out what in the world “Web 2.0” is; a funny jab at Web 2.0 visual design features; a site that promotes such design; Twinspark, which coined the term “wet floor effect” (part of Web 2.0 design); Say-So, a service by the Twinspark people that’s an atypically-formatted forum for discussing anything and everything; and, via a link from digg (a Web 2.0 site), Programming is Hard, which is the kind of resource I’ve been thinking about lately—a place people can post code snippets to help other people out. I’m tempted to sign up immediately and find out more about it after. … Okay, done, heh. Once I post some code, I’ll link to it from my programming page. Yay, another way to decentralize my web presence. 😉 I love conserving bandwidth (which, um, would only matter if I had a lot of visitors and a lot of things for them to access).

I’m pondering my relationship to Web 2.0. The system I’m going to create for my employer will definitely have some of its AJAX-y aspects. I blog. I just joined I like Web 2.0’s ideas as they’re presented on Wikipedia. And I like the design well enough. But I’m resistant to trendiness. So although I’m participating, I’m sort of holding it at arm’s length. I feel the same way about Ruby on Rails. I’m going to use it because it seems like a very good thing, but their trendy writing style kind of turns me off. Postmodern design does too, such as using capitalization and punctuation in bizarre and pointless ways.

Okay, that’s not what I was planning to write about earlier today, but I wanted to get something up, and I couldn’t think of anything else very interesting to say.

Edit: I found out that Programming is Hard is based on an older site called Code Snippets, which has a lot more users. So I signed up there too. 😀 I might just use that one, unless Programming is Hard still seems worthwhile.

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