Why go out when you can celebrate the 4th on your computer?

First, I want to say thank you to Googlebot for finally indexing my whole site!! For ages when I typed my URL into Google all I got was the front page. Now people will be able to find things on the rest of the site, assuming there’s anything there they want to find.

Second, if you can’t get out to watch fireworks tomorrow night, I’ve found just the screensaver for you. It’s Skyrocket from the collection at Really Slick Screensavers. Unlike all the other fireworks screensavers you’ve ever seen, this one is not cheesy. The fireworks are set off in a realistic 3-D landscape with clouds and a full moon, and the camera pans randomly around the scene to give you some great views of the show. It has stereo sound too. It’s free, and it’s mesmerizing, so just get it.

Third, we had communion tonight in our small group. Coincidentally, the X-Files episode I watched tonight was about vampires and contained some references to communion. Weird, huh?

Fourth, I hope I’m not getting sick. I woke up with a scratchy throat this morning that has lasted all day. I don’t have any other symptoms yet.

Finally, I have other things to talk about, but I don’t want this to become long, so I’ll save them for later.

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