Who flipped the weirdness switch?

Life at my apartment complex is getting strange. Saturday we had a fire that destroyed two apartments. Today I got home late from work to find a police car with its lights flashing at the back entrance to my building. When I parked on the other side of the complex, I found another police car with its lights also flashing. Police at our apartments aren’t that unusual, but two cars at once basically surrounding the complex is. They had the whole building that had had the fire roped off with police tape. There were people milling around again, but no one seemed distressed. I asked one guy if he knew what was going on, but he said no. I might go investigate later, but I’ll probably just ask at the apartment office later.

Speaking of which, when I got to my door, there was a notice taped to it that said the complex had been sold and gave us the name of the company to make our checks out to. It’s named after the street addresses the complex occupies. o.O Well, that’s … unique, if not imaginative. There’s a new property manager, of course. That’s nothing new. There’s kind of a high turnover in the management of this place.

Edit: I miscounted. There were at least 4 or 5 police cars of different kinds. I just took a walk around the west half of the apartments, though I didn’t have the nerve to ask an officer what was going on. People are walking around with kids like it’s a normal evening, so I guess it’s nothing serious, or isn’t anymore.

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